If you’re purchasing a ONE TIME PASS for 60 mins, please take note that your minutes MUST BE USED IN ONE SESSION. If you exit the cinema before your minutes expire, you’ll need to purchase another pass to regain access. With a subscription pass you can log in and out as many times as you like, and enjoy unlimited viewing.

Please be patient as the cinema player loads … this can take up to 1 minute on some mobile devices. PRO TIP: To see the movie playlist at any time, simply press the video ‘pause’ button.

$3.99 for 60 mins is a one-time charge for ONE-TIME PPV access.
$29.95 is for 1 month unlimted access and DOES NOT recur.
$49.99 is for 3 months unlimited access and DOES NOT recur.
Need help with your subscription? Click here for support.